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 About Me-Abram Lennox

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Abram Lennox

Abram Lennox

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PostSubject: About Me-Abram Lennox   About Me-Abram Lennox EmptyTue Nov 15, 2011 2:57 pm

Name: Abram Lennox

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 4, 1892

Death: March 15, 1912

Location: New York

School: Dropped out of a formal education at seventeen

Interests: Playing the Piano, Cards, Studying Astronomy, Classic Theater, Apples, Swing dancing, anything by Alfred Hitchcock

Dislikes: Cats, intensely dislike cats…

Description: 6’1” Brown curly hair, blue eyes, slight limp in the right leg if forced to stand for long periods of time

Supernatural Ability: A ghost who possessed an abandoned body, he can transfer his spirit at will for short periods of time to possess other bodies and mingle with their soul. He can recognize the dead from the living and sees spirits.

About Me: Jack of all trades, master to none. Con artist and smooth talker, I was murdered young over an issue of money. I figure I may have not really gotten my fill of life and when I saw the chance to live again I took it. Give this whole life thing another go.
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About Me-Abram Lennox
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