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 Stumbling through

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Taylor Watkins

Taylor Watkins

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Stumbling through Empty
PostSubject: Stumbling through   Stumbling through EmptySat Nov 19, 2011 8:29 pm

Taylor didn't know what she thought she was doing. It was late, it was dark, and she was wandering through dark alleys and nearly empty streets of New York. Her arms wrapped around her stomach, it was all she could do to try and suppress the hunger pains. It had been nearly a week since she had fed last, even then she had gotten lucky stealing from a Red Cross truck at a blood drive. With her first week of school rounding the corner she knew she couldn't be locked in a building full of young teenagers with hearts racing and their adrenaline pumping. It spelled disaster, not that wandering aimlessly on the streets looking for her first live feed seemed any less risky.
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Stumbling through
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