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 Little Red Riding Hood Can Kiss My Ass

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Eli McDaniels

Eli McDaniels

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Little Red Riding Hood Can Kiss My Ass Empty
PostSubject: Little Red Riding Hood Can Kiss My Ass   Little Red Riding Hood Can Kiss My Ass EmptyMon Dec 05, 2011 6:57 pm

Name: Eli Seth McDaniels
Gender: Male
Birthday: March, 22

Supernatural Ability: Werewolf

Location: New York
School: Public East Side

Interests: Track/Running, Music, TV, Hot Cars and hotter girls

Music: Sevendust, Mudvayne, Stone Sour, Barley Juice, Default, Fuel, Breaking Benjamin
Books: Not enough patience
Movies: Anything in the horror or thriller genre

About Me: Born a were, I am a third generation Alpha. While I love my parents, I moved to New York on my own for my last years of highschool to avoid hierarchy bullshit that was happening in my home pack, though I am switching out of public school for a some prep school with a track and coach I am dying to try out. I do have dominating tendencies that are making themselves more obvious and present each day, though I have a good handle on my other side compared to most were's my age. If you care to get to know me, by all means step a little closer, I don't bite...hard.
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Little Red Riding Hood Can Kiss My Ass
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